Bath Salts - Himalayan, Dead Sea, Epsom, Magnesium

Bath Salts - Himalayan, Dead Sea, Epsom, Magnesium

  • 125g/300g Himalayan Salt
  • 125g/300g Dead Sea Salt
  • 125g/300g Epsom Salts 
  • 125g/300g Magnesium Salt/Flakes


Himalayan Salt


A wonderfully detoxing bath with 84 essential minerals. It contains lower levels of Magnesium than other bath salts, but is a nice all-rounder to regularly give an additional boost to your overall mineral intake while nourishing your skin and detoxifying your body.


  • Himalayan salt crystals, known for their detoxifying properties.
  • The pretty pink crystals have been around for millions of years and contain an impressive 84 minerals including magnesium, calcium, iron and potassium.


Dead Sea Salt


This is perfect for people who need a milder intake of magnesium, such as children and people with dry skin or low Calcium / Potassium levels. It provides a gentle balance of Magnesium, Calcium and Potassium which can also help repair and protect dry, itchy or eczema prone skin. 


Epsom Salts


Great for sports people and people who are experiencing cramps and aching muscles. Epsom Salt (Magnesium Sulphate) helps to draw lactic acid out of the body and muscles, while instantly giving a strong fix of Magnesium.


The tried and tested mineral compound of magnesium sulphate helps detoxify and relax the muscles.


Magnesium Flakes/Salt 


This is the ideal bath for people who find their Magnesium deficiency results in restlessness, irritability, poor sleep quality, anxiety or depression, as it is a gentle way of boosting Magnesium which also is retained well by the body providing a more lasting effect than Epsom salt

Instructions for use


Dissolve salts in a warm bath of 37-39°C.

Relax and soak for 20 minutes.

For general skin health and wellbeing add 1/2-1 cup (approx 100g-250g) to your bath.

To help relax tired and aching muscles use 2-4 cups (500g-1Kg).




  • Seek advice of a healthcare professional before use if you are suffering from a medical condition, are on medical treatment, pregnant, breastfeeding or have very sensitive skin.
  • Do not use on broken skin.
  • Avoid contact with eyes.
  • If irritation occurs rinse with water.
  • If it persists, seek medical attention.
  • Keep out of reach of children.
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