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  • Helps you express yourself creatively
  • Facilitates communication between you and others
  • Connects you with your spirit guides
  • Assist in detoxification
  • Aids in the analysis of your important life experiences
  • Encourages forgiveness
  • Helps you focus to overcome feeling scattered (mental clarity)
  • Promotes happiness
  • Calms hyperactivity
  • Promotes dream healing
  • Enhances harmony
  • Enhances the energetic connection between chakra centers
  • Helps you to speak your truth
  • Helps you acknowledge the things that bring joy to your life
  • Enhances beauty (both inner and outer)
  • Deepens meditation by expanding your conscious awareness and creating feelings of oneness and connection
  • Enhances mystical experiences of all kinds
  • Eases fear


Colors: Light Blue, Blue, & Indigo

Associated Chakras: Heart (4th); Third Eye (6th); Crown (7th)

Zodiac Signs: Aquarius; Pisces

Elements: Air; Water

Companion Flowers: Bluebells

Companion Stone: Carnelian

Companion Essential Oil: Blue Spruce

Common Origins: Brazil


***All crystals are Reiki Cleansed & Charged and chosen intuitively for the individuals ordering***


***Sizes and colours may vary from the pictures shown as these are natural products***

Blue Quartz - Tumbled Stones

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