Is said to be cleansing for the spirit and can help with mental and spiritual work. Incense resins are naturally occurring substances such as frankincense, copal, dragon's blood and myrrh that are harvested from trees.


The resin is usually obtained from live trees via tapping. This is done in a sustainable way so that the tree continues to thrive. The best way to burn incense resins is to put them onto a hot charcoal disc.


However these incense sticks have been made using the Copal resin and are easier to use and less messy whilst still giving the beautiful fragrance and benefits of burning the resin.


There is the added bonus that you don’t have to burn the stick all at once as you can stub it out and re-light it.


I have taken a photo against a normal Nag Champa incense stick to help with understanding the size of the incense sticks

Copal Incense Sticks (2pk)


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