💚Hag Stone Decoration


What are Hag Stones?...


💚 Hag or witches stones are stones which have a natural hole in them usually made by running water so are found a lot in river beds or by the sea.


They are used:


⚡️To see invisible creatures of the land of the Fae

⚡️To open up a window to other realms

⚡️As protection against spells, Hex’s, Negativity

⚡️To help with healing


To use:


💚 Hang in a window, by a door, in a car, carry on your person wear round your neck, keep in your pocket to safeguard you from the nasties that are around ~ Necklace has adjustable cord (max length when fully opened 90cm) and come in an organza bag and reikied 💚🧙‍♀️💚

Triple Hag Stone Decoration


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