Health - Witches Ball ~These lovely witches balls are meant to be hung in a window, above a bed, in a room, above the door, in the car, in your business where you wish to ensure that you are creating a calm, peaceful and protected environment for you, which then sets it up for being healthy ~The contents of the Health Witches Ball:~	Juniper Berries	Thyme	Lavender	Rose, Clear Quartz & Amethyst Crystal Chips	Blue Feather	White Feather~The Witches Ball is decorated with: ~	Gold Bells	Light Blue Ribbon	Dark Blue Ribbon~The Witches Ball is sealed with Light Blue & Blue candle wax and infused with Reiki Energy over a 3 day period~Ball is made of plastic and measures 6cm in diameter~Check Out my Witches Balls Blog

Health - Witches Balls - 6cm


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