Rainbow Essence Healing Empowerment

Rainbow Essence Healing Empowerment

By Suzanne Roloff


Rainbow Colors are a combination of all of the main chakras in the body when put together for a powerful energy. Each color has its own vibration and energy and putting them together and also adding white makes it a very powerful healing vibration and energy.


Healing with color and light and energy is as old as the beginning of time or before. It is simple and inexpensive to do and use and can be sent to anyone or anything anywhere.


This simple system uses intention (or it has a symbol to us if you prefer) to help heal yourself or others. Healing can be sent back in time or can be used for pets, plants, the planet, etc.


Before you purchase please ensure


  • You will have a quiet space to accept the attunement, and become familiar with the energies
  • You should seek medical advice if you are ill or unwell
  • You have the openness and commitment to receive and accept  the energy
  • Prerequisites for this attunement, no previous knowledge is required but an understanding of an energy healing system would be of benefit


With this purchase you will receive:


  • The original manual sent as pdf attachment which can be downloaded upon payment (includes a meditation)
  • 1 distant energy attunement by chi ball call in method - this will be prepared for you on the Monday or Friday after your purchase and you will be notified when this is ready to be called in
  • Support via email if you have an questions on how to use the energy attunement received

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    Somerset, UK.