Contents of this pack are:

  • Sample pack of Frankincense Resin
  • Sample pack of Copal Resin
  • Sample pack of Myrrh Resin
  • 2 x Charcoal Discs
  • Sample pack of Dead Sea Salt
  • 7.5cm (3inch) Abalone Shell


Frankincense Resin

Granular Frankincense Resin Incense is used to enhance your concentration and focus during meditation.


Myrrh Resin

Myrrh is well known for its grounding and calming properties. It's great, for example, to burn if you feel like you need to get your feet solidly back on the ground or need to remain firmly grounded whilst providing healing for others. It's also believed to have sensuous properties


Copal Resin

Is said to be cleansing for the spirit and can help with mental and spiritual work. Incense resins are naturally occurring substances such as frankincense, copal, dragon's blood and myrrh that are harvested from trees. The resin is usually obtained from live trees via tapping. This is done in a sustainable way so that the tree continues to thrive.


2 x Charcoal Discs

Light the discs using tongs to hold and light from underneath and when the charcoal disc is glowing and disc is starting to turn white, the resin/herbs are placed on top to emit a wonderful scent.


Dead Sea Salt Sample

Use this as a base for the charcoal disc that safeguards the shell and can then be used to mix with the charcoal once 


7.5cm (3inch) Abalone Shell

Abalone Shells are great for using to extinguish your sage smudge sticks in your smudging rituals and can be used for burning charcoal discs for resins


NB place sand/salt into the shell prior to putting a hot charcoal disc into the shell.


Abalone are a type of mollusk similar to clams and oysters and the mother-of-pearl bearing shells are traditionally used in native American rituals, as it is believed that the combination of sage and shell would carry their messages up to heaven Abalone shells carry protectional energies and bring with them emotional balance, generating a natural shielding to the user

Resin Starter Kit

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