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Candle Magick

'Finding Your Inner Witch' -

Join Dawn, The Energy Witch for this workshop an ideal next step if you've completed the suggested 'Setting You & Your Space' workshop part of the 'Develop Your True Magick' Workshops (DYTM) offering

Learn some simple but very effective ways of using Candles and Colour within your magickal practise

What will be covered during the 3hrs:

  • Put into practise what you learned in the workshop Setting You & Your Space ready to enjoy the day

  • Be introduced to colours and their potential magickal uses

  • How to use a white or coloured Candle in Magick 

  • Ways to prepare a Candle for Magickal uses

  • How to intuitively interpret the messages from burning a Candle

Plus a Practical Candle Magick Session

  • Bring everything discussed into fruition

Investment for this workshop experience will be £35 per person for a 3hr group session (£30 per person early bird tickets now also available if you book your place a month in advance)


Price includes a pack of Candles & Holder to take home with you to continue practising what you learn in the workshop - Value £7!


Plus handouts/support e-leaflets (as needed), materials used throughout the day, along with refreshments Teas/Coffees/Water on the day.


You are encouraged to bring your own travel mug to minimise spillages, plus you have a constant drink onhand!


Please also feel free to bring a journal and pen to make your own notes

Book your space at the next workshop:

If you would like to arrange a workshop for you and your friends please do 

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