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Develop Your True Magick (DYTM) Workshops

'Finding Your Inner Witch'

Have you ever wanted to 'Have a go' at some of the 'witchy' 'magickal' things you see on social media but have some of the following questions:

Will something go wrong if I don't do exactly as 'they' do in the video/post?

What happens if something does goes wrong?

How do I get started?

Can anyone do this?

I'm confused but don't know who I can ask or where I can go to get 'real' answers?

Where do I get all the 'stuff' they use to do witchcraft/magick?


You may have read lots of books but not 'done' anything as you are scared to do it on your own.

Well if any of the above or similar thoughts, questions have been coming into your mind lately then maybe some of the workshops I'm pulling together using my 'real life' knowledge and experience may help.

What I'm saying is that I am more than happy to support you in a safe collaborative space to gain the knowledge and practical experience that can get you started on YOUR journey to find 'YOUR True Magick'. I'm continually learning and developing my craft and ways of working and love to share with those who have similar interests (Those who have met me at the fayres I attend know that this is a fact) 

So please do take the first steps to build your confidence or check out other ways of working and book your place on the first of the 'Developing Your True Magick' workshops 'Setting You & Your Space Workshop' which will give you a good introduction to working in a safe manner whilst developing your craft. Once this workshop has been attended and we have connected you will know whether you feel that you want to continue you your journey and attend other workshops in the series

 Workshops Available 

'Setting You & Your Space' including a Making Magick Session 

(Recommended pre-requisite for all other workshops) 

NEW DATES Available


'Candle Magick' including a practical Candle Magick Session

NEW DATES Available


🌟🌟🌟Special - Double Workshop Day🌟🌟🌟

Setting You & Your Space AND Candle Magick

at Fae Adora - 26th May - Book Your Place HERE

Coming Soon...

Crystal Magick including a Making Magick Session

Energy & Magick including Practical Healing Session

Herb Magick including a Making Magick Session

Magickal Tools including a Making Magick Session

Making Magick (Make Your Own Magickal Items)

Moon Magick including a Making Magick Session

Signs & Symbols including a Making Magick Session

The Elements including a Making Magick Session


with more to come


Investment for these workshop experiences will be £35 per person for a 3hr group session (£30 per person early bird tickets now also available if you book your place a month in advance) price includes a Making Magick Session, plus handouts/support e-leaflets (as needed), along with refreshments Teas/Coffees/Water on the day.

Please feel free to bring a journal and pen to make your own notes 

Register Your Interest For Future Workshops HERE

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