All salts are made with positive intention either on a new or full moon and then allowed to charge on selenite (one of my prefered ways of making) our current offerings are as foolows - how please feel free to use your intuition when you receive these salts as you may feel drawn to use them for other workings -  These are intended for External/Magickal Use Only


Witches Black Salt 

Use for: Banishing, Protection, Cleansing, Purification, Change


Witches Purple Salt (with amethyst chip)

Use for: Peace, Third Eye, Building Intuition & Psychic Abilities,


Witches Green Salt (with jade chip)

Use for: Abundance, Money, Wealth, Job Search, Consecration of Gardening Tools


Dragons Blood Salt

Use for: Protection, Power, Courage, Life Changes, Consecration of Magickal Tools


Use when casting a circle, making pouches, charms and talismans, enhances the intention set


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Somerset, UK.