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All salts are made with positive intention either on a new or full moon and then allowed to charge on selenite (one of my prefered ways of making) our current offerings are as foolows - how please feel free to use your intuition when you receive these salts as you may feel drawn to use them for other workings -  These are intended for External/Magickal Use Only


Witches Black Salt 

Use for: Banishing, Protection, Cleansing, Purification, Absorbing Negativity, Bringing About Change


Witches Purple Salt 

Use for: Peace, Third Eye, Building Intuition & Psychic Abilities,


Witches Green Salt 

Use for: Abundance, Money, Wealth, Job Search, Consecration of Gardening Tools


Witches Red Salt

Heighten Love, Romance, Passion, Lust for Life and Protection of Relationships & Rituals


Witches Blue Salt

Legal issues, Healing if placed under bed of someone sick, Protection from evil eye,

invisibilities (Glamour to make people not notice you)


Dragons Blood Salt

Use for: Protection, Power, Courage, Life Changes, Consecration of Magickal Tools


Use when casting a circle, making pouches, charms and talismans, enhances the intention set


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