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'True Magick Comes From The Energy Within' 

Welcome everyone...My name is Dawn McClements - owner of The Energy Witch


I truly believe that...

'True Magick Comes From The Energy Within' and YOU are the KEY ingredient for YOUR development

I love to see people achieving their Dreams and Goals and love the buzz I get in my tummy when I realise I've been allowed to play a little part in the support network they have chosen to work with.


Currently residing in the beautiful seaside Town of Weston-super-Mare in Somerset, UK with my Partner and am lucky enough to also have my immediate family now living here makes all the difference to me...Blood Family and those who I have been blessed to connect with on my spiritual journey, my Soul Family.


I worked for many years in the corporate world in Retail Management and Learning & Development within the following sectors : Customer ServiceRetailHospitalityEntertainmentHealth & Social Care and Health & Wellness


Having gained lots of varying life experiences (some great and some a tad more challenging) has enabled me to approach many situations with a more rounded view so aim to have an empathetic and supportive approach.

I officially stepped into the spiritual environment back in 2014, where I was first introduced to Reiki, which I found fascinating. From having a background in Learning & Development I then set a challenge that anything I went on to learn I would to learn to, firstly development myself to have a better understanding and experience within that field, then to take it up a level or two and ensure I was in a place to coach others through the process or teach what I had learnt....I believe once a trainer always a trainer and coaching to me seemed to naturally come hand in hand.

Thing is in this day and age the natural things don't seem to be enough on their own so I have taken the relevant courses to ensure I am certified in things I do and teach.

I also like to continually invest in my personal development of the things that I'm inquisitive about and also have a passion to learn more about too. Due to this I have attended many training courses and studied to gain qualifications and certifications of learning in the following:

  • Teacher/Training City & Guilds Level 5

  • CiPD Certificate in Training Practice 

  • Personal Coaching Diploma

  • NLP Practitioner Diploma

  • Spiritual Coaching Diploma

  • Past Lives Regression Diploma

  • Usui Reiki Master/Teacher

  • Usui/Holy Fire® III Reiki Master

  • Lightarian™ Reiki Facilitator

  • Lightarian™ RayAngelLinksRayAngelLinks ExtensionPurification Rings

  • Crystal Reiki Master

  • Dragon Reiki Master

  • Karuna Ki Master

  • Reiki Grand Master

  • Plus a variety of other energy workings

I'm confident this also shows that I am very serious about what I do along with ensuring I have the relevant certification and insurance for Healing, Training, Workshops and Coaching via Holistic Gold

My aim is to provide top quality and affordable products and services, via the following channels

  • Shop: Herbs, Incense, Oils, Crystals, Handmade and Witches Cupboard - Other products offerings are also available from dōTERRA

  • Workshops: Develop Your True Magick, Crystal Basics, Setting You & Your Space, Candle Magick..... more are in the planning!

All to support you to find YOUR true magick.

If what you have seen so far is of interest to you or you have any queries, please do  Get In Touch and I will do my best to support you in your needs

Brightest of Blessings

Dawn x


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