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Energy Healing Sessions
New dates will be made available for 2024

We all need healing, how can we help others if we don't help ourselves?

My name is Dawn McClements and I love to support people to develop, grow, improve and find themselves. Many people seem to be drawn to me when they need  initial support and a 'kick start' and others when they wish to further their development.


I'm a Reiki Master Practitioner (Teacher) & Lightarian™ Facilitator

(meaning I practise my energy work regularly, since 2014 and I also train what I practice too).

When offering Energy Healing sessions I tap into a variety of energies for the highest good of the client, all of which I have received training in and practise regularly. These include Usui Reiki, Holy Fire® III Reiki, Crystal Reiki, Dragon Reiki, Lightarian™ Reiki and more...but if I'm honest I ask for healing for the highest of good when I'm facilitating an Energy Healing Session and allow the relevant energies to flow through and always have crystals on hand to use if drawn to, as agreed with the client...Trust and Intuition is a fabulous thing. 


My personal commitment it to be a pure channel for the energies to flow through to you...the client.  

The fact that I class myself as 'The Energy Witch' just confirms that I am a woman who is a healer in the natural ways, energy, crystals, herbs and oils, all of which I am grateful that Gaia has provided for us all.


I currently provide Energy Healing Sessions In-Person on a Wednesday & Friday Evening or on Thursdays working out of a beautiful Healing room in Weston-super-Mare plus I am more than happy to offer Distant Healing appointments by mutual agreement. This means that I can support those who are drawn to me be they near or far - a lot of people do say that Distant Healing to them feels more powerful, which I have always been fascinated by, maybe it's because people are relaxed in their own environment? I have also found this on many occasions myself from personal experience.

Training is also available In-Person in Weston-super-Mare or via Zoom - some dates are already booked in so please do check them out HERE, plus I am more than happy to discuss your requirements on an individual basis and arrange mutually convenient dates, so please do ask.


We are living in a forever changing climate so I feel that adapting to personal needs is very important for people to feel relaxed and open to receive the beautiful energies available.

Please GET IN TOUCH  to discuss your needs further or to book a FREE 30 minute Telephone Consultation if there is anything you feel I could do to support in your development - my magick wand is working pretty well at the moment so I'm more than willing to see what magick can be created to support your forward movement

Brightest of Blessings

Dawn x

What Is Reiki?

“Reiki” (ray-key) is Japanese for ‘universal life force energy' and is also a word used to describe a system of natural healing, This tradition was founded by Mikao Usui in the early 20th century and evolved as a result of his research, experience and dedication.


We live in a world of energy that nourishes and maintains all living things. When this energy flows uninterrupted there is balance and harmony within and around us, and we experience a sense of well being.


There are many variations of Reiki, but in essence Reiki treatments can help the body emotionally or spiritually. It is a tradition that is open to any belief system.


Reiki treatment is a process that anyone can enjoy in the normal course of their life. Reiki can be used alongside other conventional or complementary treatment and often helps to provide emotional support during recovery.


The practice is taught by Reiki Master/Teachers who have trained in the tradition passed on in person/online from master to student.

Energy Healing.jpeg
Energy Healing.jpeg

How Can Reiki Energy Sessions Help?

Reiki is a safe and soothing treatment that can be:

Comforting when life is tough - The relaxing nature of Reiki can be very helpful to people especially at difficult times in our lives. We can all feel overwhelmed or disconnected, sometimes there is a real sense of isolation, both emotionally and spiritually. Reiki treatments can bring feelings of peace, centeredness and an ability to cope better with the challenges of life.

Reiki can be beneficial in circumstances that are short term, but can also support people dealing with long-standing conditions, helping to bring comfort, acceptance and a more positive outlook.

Supportive during pregnancy - Reiki can be wonderful for pregnant women. Treatments can be very relaxing and enjoyable for the mother and baby alike

Calming for children - Children usually love Reiki. The length of a session is often shorter than it would be for an adult.

Reassuring for animals - Animals also respond well to Reiki, they too seem to find it relaxing and soothing

How Do You Find A Reiki Practitioner?

inding a Reiki practitioner with whom you feel comfortable is a personal process. You need to decide whether they are right for you. The following guidance may help you to do this and support you to understand what to expect during a Energy Healing session.

What training has the Practitioner received? 

Any Reiki Practitioner will have done at least Level 1 Reiki but most would have done Reiki Level 2 if they are a full Practitioner. There is at present no standardised training for becoming a professional practitioner, and a 'good' practitioner is not necessarily the one with the highest level of training. It is important that they use Reiki on a regular basis, including treating themselves. Reiki is believed to become stronger the more you use it, so a person with Level 1 Reiki who uses Reiki daily may give a stronger treatment than a Master who does not use Reiki regularly.


How do I choose a Practitioner?

Have a chat with the practitioner before you book a session. Ask about their own journey with Reiki. How long have they been doing Reiki? Why were they drawn to do it? Who did they learn with? You could also talk to others who have had a Reiki session with the practitioner. But ultimately trust your own heart. If you feel happy with the practitioner after your chat, book a session. If you are not completely comfortable then try someone else. Practitioners should do their best to make a Reiki treatment a comfortable experience. Trust your intuition and, if you don't feel at ease with the practitioner, don't be afraid to look further.

Energy Healing.jpeg
Energy Healing.jpeg

What Happens During The Reiki Session?

The practitioner will usually give a short explanation of what the treatment involves (if none is offered, don't be afraid to enquire). You may be asked some details, including a brief medical history. You will be asked to lie down (or sit if this is easier for you) but will not be asked to remove any clothing except for things which could restrict your breathing or comfort, such as shoes, spectacles and jewellery. Reiki will go through clothing, blankets, or even a plaster cast if necessary!

Energy is transferred by the practitioner placing their hands gently on or above your body in a pre-determined sequence of hand positions, spending several minutes holding each position. These hand positions are non-intrusive and cover both the front and back of the body and are sometimes varied to give Reiki to areas where it is specifically needed. If they touch (hands on as it tends to be referred to) it should be gentle, light and comfortable; there is no massage or manipulation. You may feel sensations such as heat, tingling, coolness or throbbing under the practitioners' hands or in other parts of your body, you may feel very little or nothing at all. Many people experience a sense of well being and relaxation, or fall asleep; sometimes a treatment is energizing.


There is no right or wrong way to experience Reiki. The treatment will normally last about 20/30 minutes maybe up to 45 minutes.


Will I Be Provided With A Diagnosis?

Reiki practitioners are not trained in diagnosis and will not offer any diagnosis or prognosis. If you are concerned about symptoms you should see your GP.

If there are any questions that I've left unanswered please do



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