Energy Healing Sessions

We all need healing, how can we help others if we don't help ourselves?

My name is Dawn McClements and I love to support people to help themselves develop, grow, improve, find themselves and invariable support them with a 'kick start'. I'm a Reiki Master Practitioner (meaning I practise my energy work regularly, since 2014 and I also train what I practice too). I can offer a variety of energy healing modalities in the form of Reiki, Crystal Reiki, Dragon Reiki and Holy Fire Reiki, but if I'm honest I ask for healing for the highest of good when I'm performing an Energy Healing Session and allow the relevant energies to flow through and always have crystals on hand and use if drawn to and agreed by the client...Intuition is a fabulous thing. 


I commit to be a pure channel for the energies to flow through to you...the client.  

The fact that I class myself as 'The Energy Witch' just confirms that I am a woman who is a healer in the natural ways, energy, crystals, herbs and oils, all of which I am grateful that Gaia has provided for us all.


I currently provide healing via distant healing using Zoom, Facetime or WhatsApp so as to provide the closest I can to in-person healing, we are living in a forever changing climate so feel that this is the best way to work currently.

Please GET IN TOUCH if there is anything you feel I could do to support more - my magick wand is not enabled for this I'm afraid but I will do my best as a human being working with energy....

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