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Welcome to the introduction of Services which are provided by me for you...

Over many years I have been developing the way I work, constantly wanting to be the best I can be at any given moment in time and tapping into different energies, ways of working and systems that are available, then using my intuition to sense what works best in each healing session or training to move forward. 

Coming from a varied corporate background of Retail, Hospitality, Care, Customer Service and Training I have always aimed to learn what I know to a level that I can then share with others so that they can learn too.

I am fully qualified as Teacher/Trainer, Spiritual & Personal Coach, NLP Practitioner, Reiki Master/Teacher (in a variety of modalities), Lightarian™ Facilitator & Past Life Regression Practitioner

I'm a Practising Witch (Natural Healer) and am more than happy to share how I work with you during workshops and discussions - you can then choose what you would like to take from those discussions and utilise the knowledge to walk YOUR True Path making YOUR True Magick


I also ensure that I have the relevant Insurance cover in place to cover the services I provide and workshops/trainings.

Certificates Are Available Upon Request

Please click on the relevant areas below to be taken to the area of interest.

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