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Basics of Smudging

Updated: Oct 6, 2021

Smudging...this is a term that is heard a lot nowadays...but do we truly know what is meant by it.

The Native Americans have for many centuries used the herbs and woods that have been available to them in their natural surroundings, to burn during ritual, using the smoke that is produced to help with space clearing (smudging), blessings, dream work and more

Nowadays many religions, followings or ways of working also follow similar traditions, to clear their space prior to doing their religious or magickal workings. Many other people like to use the same herbs to clear their home when there have been uncomfortable situations and arguments. Others like to clear their home as they feel that spirits that have not yet passed over need to be removed from the home, to enable the living to continue living in a comfortable manner without any disturbance.

The message I'm trying to get over here is that 'anyone' no matter how they work or what religion they follow can smudge.

What do you use to Smudge?

The most popular things that people tend to use today are:

White Sage

Palo Santo

Both of these are available in my shop

What can you Smudge?

  • Just about anything!!!

  • You

  • Your Home

  • Crystals

  • Ritual Tools

  • Ritual Space

  • anything really that has a physical form or any space.....

Preparing to Smudge

Ensure that you are in the right headspace yourself as your intention setting is key....

  • Clean YOU (take a salt bath, put on clean clothes, drink lots of water)

  • Clean your space to remove any negative energy that is surrounding you and clear any rubbish or general dust which is in your home - a quick vacuum, wipe down any surfaces, a flick of the duster will do

  • Set your intention

  • Makes sure you have your smudging kit...

Abalone Shell (or similar object to catch the ash)

A windproof lighter (more effective for lighting the smudge stick)

Feather (or you can use your hand to help move the smoke around)

How to Smudge...

Before you start smudging your home, do your preparation as above, open all the windows and doors and clear the air through.

Set or re-enforce your intention, which could be to 'cleanse this space of all negative energies and bring in positive and light energies' or something that you feel you need to say

Starting from your front door, light your smudge stick and let it burn for a bit.

Blow the smudge stick out and making sure you have the shell underneath waft the smoke with the feather into all corners and areas of the hallway - it's the smoke that kills germs and clears the air of negativity.

Moving all throughout the house ensuring the smoke gets into every nook and cranny, so open all cupboards and draws. Move up stairs filling the whole home with smoke.

Keep stating what your intention is throughout.

Once you feel as though you've finished, check to see whether there are any areas that need a 'little extra smudge' and go back and do that area.

You may also want to smudge yourself and others that are there at the beginning and the end, smudge your crystals, divination tools or items that you may use for rituals.

If you feel as though you have finished, go around the whole house again and waft the remaining smoke out of the windows and doors and close them behind you, giving thanks for clearing the space.

Now the space is 'Neutralised' (White Sage is very good for this), clear of negative and starting to bring in good energies, it's time to fill the space with love: play some happy music, cook your favourite meal, burn some rose, lavender or your favourite incense or oils and help to keep the vibrations high.

Your home should now feel really comfortable and if you need to do a little refresh every now and again burning some incense or oils could work nicely or my favourite burn a little Palo Santo as this clears negative energies and brings in the positive and has a lovely fragrance too.

Hope this has helped - please watch out for further blogs and share if you feel others would be interested in what I've written above.

BBrightest Blessings & Gratitude


🧡🧙‍♀️🧡The Energy Witch 🧡🧙‍♀️🧡

(NB - please note this is written based on some basic ways I have found work well for me, if you find other ways of working or adapt things as it 'feels' more appropriate, please do so.)

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