Basics of Grounding, Cleansing & Protecting

Many of us are so keen to start being 'Witches' that we can quite easily miss some of the key points before we 'do' anything.

So I'd love to share a very simple but affective daily practise that helps to instil some magickal routine into your day that will help you in your workings too....

When I talk about Grounding, Cleansing & Protecting I'm talking in relation to your Body, Mind and Spirit and looking after your Energy.

Grounding - connecting your energy and YOU to the Earth and her energy so that you can stand strong, with a solid footing, allowing the energy within you to be able to flow freely through you, without any blockages and means of escape. If you do not ground yourself you could feel very floaty and all the energy you have inside of you could keep moving around in a way that could be very disjointed and unsettling for your body and your mind.

Cleansing - it's as simple as cleaning YOU of anything that doesn't serve you well, so taking away the bad stuff and leaving you with the good stuff.

Protecting - if you are taking time to stand tall keeping yourselves cleansed of as much of the yucky stuff as possible wouldn't it be worth safeguarding the good stuff within?

So hopefully what I've said above makes sense!

Let's 'Prepare for the Day Ahead' and look at how we do this without making a big song and dance about it and taking up 'too much time' and maybe incorparating it with our daily routine

Grounding - When you get up in the morning...

  • Get out of bed with intention!

  • Place both feet on the floor

  • Take a couple of deep breaths in and when you breath out imagine the breath going down through your body and out of your feet

  • Imagine roots growing down from your feet into the earth (like a tree) into the centre of the earth

  • Whenthey reach the centre imagine there is a bright Clear Quartz Crystal

  • Wrap them round that

  • Stand up and you’ll feel so solid and able to stand tall as you are now connected to the earth

Cleansing - I'm sure you have a wash or shower in the morning...

  • When washing imagine that the water is washing all the 'yuckiness' of the night away (from general sleeping, dreaming, thoughts, sweating - all this dulls your energy)

  • Washing it down the plug hole asking Mother Nature to recycle it into good energy

  • Imagine that you feel fresh and clean of dirt, nasty thoughts and uncomfortable, negative feelings

  • When you dry yourself off the last bits of yuckyness can be brushed off...just to make sure!

  • When you dry yourself off clearing off the last bits of yuckyness and you are also building up the vibration of your body

  • You are now cleansed in body, mind and spirit and should be feeling pretty good!

  • Just because you are all cleansed doesn't mean you'll stay like that for the rest of the you need to put up some...

Protection - Time to set up your bubble

  • So take a deep breath and imagine that when you breath in the Earth is sending you some energy up through your roots

  • When it gets to your feet it splits and part goes to the left of you and part goes to the right of you

  • Imagine the energy goes all around your body until you are covered in a big ball of earth energy / light

  • This is your Bubble of Protection!!

  • Your bubble protects your energy and to build it up do a few deep breaths and when you breath out breath out through every pore on your skin until your energy bubble is full again

  • This should help to maintain your energy throughout the day

After having a day doing what needs to be done you may find it has been good and your bubble feels strong and bright or you may have had a few challeneges and your bubble has had to be filled up a few times with deep breathing...whatever has happened before you go to bed...give thanks for your day and the experiences you've had..gratitude is key to being happy.

Preparing for Bed...

  • Wash yourself before bed - ie Cleanse the ‘Yuckiness' of the day off

  • Then bubble up to Protect yourself whilst you sleep... Simples!!!

Hope this has helped as this or a form of grounding, cleansing and protecting should also be done as a priority before you do any magick, spell work, rituals...some people have extravagant ways of cleansing and preparing themselves for magickal work but it's all down to choice...remember listen to your intuition and make sure you set your intention.

There are many other ways to Cleanse and Protect by looking into my Witches Cupboard yourself keep a look out for further blogs and share if you feel others would be interested in what I've written above.

Brightest of Blessings


The Energy Witch

(NB - please note this is written based on some basic ways I have found work well for me, if you find other ways of working or adapt things as it 'feels' more appropriate, please do so.)

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