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Candle Colours in Magick

Updated: Oct 6, 2021

Many people are aware of this form of magick but maybe don't realise how often this magick is performed...take for example on someones birthday, the cake is made, the candles are lit (invariably the colour of that persons sex..), the song is sung, and then the candles are blown out and the wish is made, the hope is there that is will come true as long as no-one is told...There we go the first experience of candle magick has taken place!

Traditionally the white or slighty off white candles were used in magick as these were the only ones available in the days of old. Also we need to be aware that white holds the whole spectrum of colours so can at any time be substituted for the coloured candles we feel we need when setting intentions or as many people say when doing 'spell work'.

The Colour Candles I offer from my online shop are chime size candles and intented to be used individually for magick. They have a burn time of 1-2 hours depending on the intention being worked and what items may be used to dress a candle when preparing for conducting your workings

  • White - Destruction of Negative Energy, Peace, Truth and Purity

  • Green - Money, Fertility, Luck, Abundance, Health, Success and Prosperity

  • Yellow - Realizing and Manifesting Thoughts, Confidence, Bringing Plans into Action, Creativity, Intelligence, Mental Clarity, Clairvoyance.

  • Pink - Positive Self Love, Friendship, Harmony, Joy

  • Purple - Spiritual Awareness, Wisdom, Tranquility, Intuition, Paranormal, Peace, Healing

  • Red - Passion, Energy, Love, Lust, Relationships, Sex, Vitality, Courage.

  • Orange - Joy, Energy, Education, Strength, Attraction, Stimulation

  • Blue - Meditation, Healing, Forgiveness, Inspiration, Fidelity, Happiness, and Opening Lines of Communication.

  • Black - Protection, Absorption and Destruction of Negative Energy and also Repelling Negative Energy from Others

Using Colour when doing candle magick is the same as weearing a certain colour top, the colour helps to raise the vibrations more in line with the intention you are setting.

Hope this has helped - please watch out for further blogs and share if you feel others would be interested in what I've written above.

Brightest Blessings & Gratitude


🧡🧙‍♀️🧡The Energy Witch 🧡🧙‍♀️🧡

(NB - please note this is written based on some basic ways I have found work well for me, if you find other ways of working or adapt things as it 'feels' more appropriate, please do so.)

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