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What are...Witches Balls?

Updated: Oct 6, 2021

You've probably heard of witches balls and maybe even seen them, on social media sites or in metaphysical stores, but what exactly are they?

The traditional witches balls were actually blown sealed glass balls and used by layman and made as buoys, those floating devices that the fishermen used to check where they'd set their fishing nets and ensured the nets didn't sink. They were found as green or blue coloured glass and had a very practical use.

It wasn't until the 1500's when the witches trials were being carried out that the witches balls tand the buoys started to become linked - ie in the trials of the witches if the people being dunked into the water floated they were classed as witches - the same as the glass buoys floated on the top of the water with the fishermen.

Over time the link became stronger as the sealed glass balls started to be made with filiments of glass inside the balls as the technique of blowing developed and the colours of the balls started to change and bacame brighter and more vibrant, as the times went on people started to believe that the coloured balls attracted spirits who would then be caught up in the strands (filiments of glass) inside the balls and therefore known as a very early form of 'spirit trap'.

Hanging the ball in the windows or outside the property to trap the spirits became very popular and even started to be hung inside the house...they were also believed to ward off the evil eye and those balls developed into flat pieces of glass reflecting evil away.

Then in other areas they would be seen as 'Witch Balls' as it was believed they would identify and deter witches as the witches either didn't have reflections and would be scared away from the balls, just in case they would be identified or they didn't want to look at their reflection because they looked so bad. This was back in the 17th & 18th century where not so much was known about witches, we know that witches do have reflections and not can be quite attractive too!

If the balls were used to capture evil spirits then many times they were placed outside however if people were wanting to protect their home they would have the balls inside. But the way they were used would change depending on which country you found the balls for example when they appeared in america they became clear and used as scrying, very similar to the crystal balls we know today.

When seances started to become more popular and spiritualism started to become more talked about the witches balls in the 1800's and 1900's started to take off more in the way we use them nowadays. In the late 1900's they started to look like the traditional christmas baubles we know today and some people would say that the witches ball was how the Christmas Bauble came about.

Nowadays we tend to use the principle of the Witches Ball being round and clear not only to protect an area or home but for other purposes, by filling the ball with items to support the intention that we want the balls to be used for. Usually deflecting negativity with the reflective surfaces, and used very similarly to a witches bottle (some even say these witches balls were where the witches bottles came from). Funnily enough the Witches Balls nowadays tend to be used by witches not against witches.

I tend to make the following Witches Balls....

Some of which can be found on my website underneath the handmade section

Many of us now use plastic balls for safety and cost and seal them with wax of the colour relevant to the balls intention, over the years the way the balls have been used have adapted and we all know that these are devloping times so develop we do....

When you receive your Witches Ball it is suggested that you cleanse it with Palo Santo (clears the negativity which could have been attached during transport and attracts the good) and then holding it in the palm of your hands take a few deep breathes and set the intention that you want from the Witches Ball, just to re-enforce what it has been made for. Then hang it where you feel it most benefits you and the intention set e.g. above the door, in a window or above your bed are just a few suggestions.

Charge by the Full Moon each month and re-enforce the intention of the Witches Ball.

I hope you've enjoyed this brief blog and look forward to writing more articles over time.

Brightest Blessings & Gratitude


🧡🧙‍♀️🧡The Energy Witch 🧡🧙‍♀️🧡

(NB - please note this is written based on some basic ways I have found work well for me, if you find other ways of working or adapt things as it 'feels' more appropriate, please do so.)

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